2017 is going to be our most important year ever.

January saw us journey to Western Kenya with 23 volunteers, our largest group yet! And this time we had our largest mission. Due to some terrible and unforeseen events at the end of 2016, we have had to relocate and restart. Our children are safe, but they are spread out in different schools in the region.


We have found ourselves a new acre of land which has been fenced off, the school sign is up and the toilets have been built, as well as a small farm, water tank and chicken coop! ALL of these are I important first steps in what we are trying to build: a safe, secure and sustainable centre to bring our children home to. 


Volunteers include Eric Ho, Nat Evolve, Dan Evolve, Todd Wearn, Charles Zhao, Pauline Heron, Louise McNestrie, Ben Hogger, James Walker, Marta Aquarius, Dat Ho, Gere Galassi, James Gilhooley, Jess Samuel, Leanne Alvarez, Luke Scott, Miguel Angel Jerez Ortega, Rashminder Singh Birdie, Roma Bahel, Sahmylle Pereira, Veronika Sam, Vanessa Sam and our Videographer Tri Le. Hopkines Grean and our CEO Paulyviah Grean were also with us. 

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