Our August trip was fantastic! With 13 volunteers we travelled to the Western Province of Kenya once again to visit the HGiving Centre of Excellence near Webuye. And what an experience! This time we had so much going on - from Self Defence Classes to Art and Dance classes - digging, cleaning and then planting beans on our new land - putting up a solar panel, batteries and lights in the new dorm that was successfully plastered and floored - our new gate was constructed and completed, plus we fenced off the land, repainted the doors and school sign, ran a sports day and much, much more!


Photographs taken and edited by Dan Evolve. 


Thanks to our Volunteers: Paulcap Grean, Pauline M Heron, Master Wong, Eric Ho, Liam O'Callaghan, Sonja Manhart, Aga Budlewska, Aneta Kamysz, Kelly de Gersigny, Arunas Noreika, Todd Wearn and Hilda Kilama.

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