100% of donation money goes straight to Kenya

With your help, HGiving can transform the lives of thousands of orphaned children around the world. Get involved today and help a child reach their true potential.

Did you know that you can change a life for as little as £5?

To us, £5 might be a coffee, or a meal deal - spent quickly and without thinking. To our orphaned children in Kenya, £5 could mean the world of difference.

£5 could buy stationery, books or spare clothes. It could buy worm medicine and toothpaste.


Basic things that we all take for granted. Things that we can give them, right now. For the price of a coffee.

just £5

New stationary

equipment for lessons

sponsor stationary

just £20

sponsor education

Desk for one child,

extra textbooks

just £50

sponsor child for school

Uniform, shoes,

stationary, backpack

just £90

sponsor a safe sleep

A bed, mattress &

blanket for one child

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Will feed all children

for one week

sponsor food


sponsor power

New solar panel,

battery & lights


sponsor water

New well, water

pump & installation


new building

All new building,

windows & doors

how you have helped

how you will help

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