Our heroes in Kenya & how you can help make a lasting difference

As you may have heard, our team and a handful of amazing volunteers have embarked on the journey of a lifetime to Kakamega, Kenya, where they will help underpin the pivotal growth of our H Giving foundation centre.

Home to hundreds of orphans, the nonprofit centre exists to help give our children lives that are creative, productive and permanently free from poverty, however we need the right resources to make this reality sustainable.

However, we cannot develop these resources without your help. Simple, everyday things such as good sanitation, healthcare, learning facilities and a comfortable, safe bedroom may be taken for granted by us, but to our children, they’re a dream. One that you can help make a reality.

It doesn’t matter how you support us, whether through fundraising, donating, volunteering or even raising awareness on social media, your efforts will make a direct impact to the lives of our children. Get involved now!

After 3 days of nonstop travel, our volunteers arrived in Kenya. The task ahead for them is momentous: following previous unrest regarding land ownership it is crucial to unite, spread love & work hard to build a solid, safe foundation for us to build upon. Overcoming the present challenges will be tough, however with your energy and support we will make H Giving stronger than ever.

Upon arrival, however, it once again became so clear why this challenge is one worth overcoming. Greeted by the purity, joyfulness and unity of the children as well as the warmth of the teachers, our team introduced themselves and began preparing to help and serve.

6 days after setting off, work is underway to build solid foundations. By educating the community, clearing the plot of rubbish and creating compost to grow food we are kicking off our project and preparing to seriously grow our orphanage.

Despite this, work is just getting started and we need all the help we can get. Working vigorously to make lasting change and progress, our team & volunteers can be followed on Facebook

. If this moves and inspires you, just as much as it does for us, feel free to like our page, watch our daily live update videos and share the love, energy and support. It will go a long way!

Thank you very much, keep the spirits high!

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