every child, no matter where they're born, has potential to achieve greatness.

At HGiving we believe in effectively and permanently eradicating poverty from the lives of our children. However, in order to do this, we must first set them up with long term, sustainable resources which guarantee our children a lifetime of health, security and opportunity.

Changing the lives of those in need is about more than just providing them with food, clothing and sanitation. In order for the lives of our children to improve indefinitely it is essential that we focus on educating and preparing their lives for the future.

By opening a full time school for our children we can teach them vital life skills that would allow them to live for themselves and gather better life chances. Education gives children a purpose and passion in life as well as knowledge which allows them to lead a permanent, sustainable and fruitful life.

We also believe in teaching what we call 'social entrepreneurship' which sets our children up for life by giving them effective and profitable jobs.

"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

By investing in a basic resource (such as a plot of farming land) and hiring out educators to teach our children to use these resources effectively, we can allow the centre to sell its own produce in order to pay for itself.

These two approaches guarantee that the entire centre will eventually become self-sustaining, meaning that a constant stream of funding will not be needed in order to support and maintain the centre.

Currently, the HGiving Centre of Excellence sits on an acre of land in Webuye, Western Kenya. During our trip in 2017, the land was fenced off and officially signed over to HGiving. Crops were planted, and the first of our buildings were constructed. This was an important step towards securing the future and sustainability of our project.


Next comes our biggest step yet. We need to build dormitories and classrooms and more, to make sure our children have a safe and secure place to live. 


Projects like building an extra water well with a pump can also be started, solar panels can be affixed and better resources kept on site, along with a multitude of other projects and innovations.

We need to build our whole site, as well as fill it with all the necessary equipment and staff to make sure our children have the best chance possible.


And so, work on our biggest project yet has begun...

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